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Tips for Happy Wine Shipping

1.  Specify an "easy" Shipping Address if you're often away from home

Every state requires an Adult (21 or older) to sign for wine packages. (Shippers are prohibited from leaving wine on doorsteps.)

Watch your email for shipping notices from our website and UPS/FedEx.  

2.  Maximize your discounts, maximize your value.

Our deeply discounted shipping rates, and wine discounts, are in bands: 1-5 bottles, 6-11 bottles and 12+ bottles. 

  • You pay no more shipping to buy 3 or 4 bottles.  
  • You receive higher discounts on both shipping and wine by ordering 6 bottles instead of 5, or 12 bottles instead of 11.

3.  Share the love!

  • Take a bottle to family and friends.  Earn a wine credit up to $15 for the first order they place with us and mention you as their inspiration!
  • Let us know what you think of our wines!