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The Vista Wine Club

Vista Wine Club members enjoy quarterly packages, free tastings, special events, the best discount on wine, and more! Best of all: It's free to join.

Selection of Keuka Spring WinesValue

Joining the Vista Wine Club is free! You also enjoy free standard wine tastings for you and your guests when you visit our Tasting Room. And, Vista Wine Club members receive the best discount we offer on wine!

Member Discounts:
 •  10% off 1-5 bottles
 •  15% off 6-11 bottles
 •  20% off 12+ bottles.

Keuka Spring barrels

As a member, you will receive three bottles of hand-selected wines delivered to your doorstep, or available for pick up four times per year. You get to enjoy a case, spread out over the year, including special wines such as new, limited, and sold out releases!

Over the years Vista Wine Club members have come to know each other and developed not just acquaintances, but life-long friendships. We invite you to be a part of this club comradery and make friendships and share companionship with like-minded folks.

Wine samples at wine club party

Vista Wine Club members receive the best discount we offer on wine, discounts to and early invitations to our signature events, first access to new wine releases, and special access to wines from our private cellar. In addition, we host exclusive events throughout the year for Vista Wine Club members.

Toast on the deck KSVJoining is simple

The first step is to sign up! When we are preparing your package, we'll email you to let you know. At that point you can let us know if you'd like to add on wines (with your discount!) or need to make any changes. When the package is ready, you will be billed for the value of the wine (minus your discount, plus applicable shipping), we'll let you know, and you can pick it up when you are ready or it will be on its way to you via shipment. Packages generally run from $50-$75 each, and shipping is around $15 per package.

Packages are typically in: February, May, September, and November. That way you can enjoy our wine throughout the year, even when you can't make it to the tasting room.


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