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Keuka Spring
January 25, 2023 | Announcements, Scores & Awards | Keuka Spring

Three Best of Class Awards at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

Best in Class award white wines dry Riesling, Vignoles, and Winemaker Select Gewurztraminer

San Francisco Wine Competition

At the recent San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, we were awarded three Best of Class awards.

This competition includes over sixty judges representing various North American wine regions, who evaluate 5,500 wines from nearly 1000 wineries.

"These are the best of the best wines within each category of the competition," stated Bob Fraser, Executive Director of the competition, states, "I was impressed that these wines represented a diversity of wine regions throughout the United states. To be selected as a Sweepstake or Best of Class wine from over 5,500 wines submitted to the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition is truly an honor for these wineries."

Here are our award-winning wines, with tasting notes from longtime wine writer Mike Dunne:

Best of Class Winner Vignoles Keuka Spring Vineyards

2021 Vignoles

"...There's nothing uncertain in the swashbuckling stride of this rich, hefty, and off-dry white wine, a perfect cocktail wine for its straightforward fruit but alos with the build and acid to accompany a wide range of casseroles."

Learn more

Best of Class winner Winemaker Select Gewurztraminer Keuka Spring Vineyards

2021 Winemaker Select Gewürztraminer

"...showcasing with authority the variety's characteristic floral, fruity, and spicy components...vivid acidity."

Learn more

Best of Class winner Humphreys Vineyard Riesling Keuka Spring Vineyards

2021 Humphreys Vineyard Riesling

Our semi dry, single vineyard Riesling.

This vintage is currently sold out.

Join us in celebrating these Best of Class wines

Best of Class bundle wines Keuka Spring

We've created a bundle, featuring two of each of these wines (free shipping!) to make it easy for you to enjoy them. You can order our Best in Class bundle below.

Order the Best of Class bundle



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