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2020 Vintage Preview Pack KSV

Special Selections

Feel free to add individual bottles of your favorite wine(s) to your purchase of these delicious selections.  At a total of 6 bottles, you qualify for FREE SHIPPING!

  Total Number of Bottles Ordered
  1 to 5 6 to 11 12+
Shipping Cost      
  - East of Mississippi $14.84 FREE FREE
  - West of Mississippi $18.24 FREE FREE
Wine Discounts      
  - Standard discount     -10%
  - Wine Club members -10% -15% -20%


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In one specially-priced package, a selection of our most popular dry reds including our perennially best-selling Miller's Cove Red.

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SKU: H20-R

True ice wines are a rare delicacy, sipped with, or instead of, dessert, or the object of a toast at special celebrations.  A pair of German crystal glasses add a beautiful touch to the experience. 

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Three of the wines your meals will love, at a special price!  These classic white wines pair beautifully with turkey with stuffing and cranberry sauce, and ham with apple sauce or pineapple.   

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