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Keuka Spring
November 30, 2022 | Plan your visit | Keuka Spring

Winetraveler recommends Keuka Spring in Best Finger Lakes Wineries to Visit: Complete Visitors Guide

Best Finger Lakes Wineries to visit: a complete guide
Photo credit: Winetraveler.com

In the "Best Finger Lakes Wineries to Visit: Complete Visitor's Guide", Winetraveler.com lists Keuka Spring Vineyards as a Top Finger Lakes winery. After a brief summary about the Finger Lakes' location and the effects of the lakes on wine growing, author Jamie Elizabeth Metzgar cites the following about Keuka Spring:

"Why Guests Love It: Gorgeous Views, Family Friendly, Vegan Wines Available

Overlooking beautiful Keuka Lake, Keuka Spring Vineyard is gorgeous, relaxing, and delicious. Their Blaufränkisch (aka Lemberger) has a cult following, and with good reason. Keuka Spring also offers vegan wines for those who are committed to a vegan lifestyle."

Some of the other wineries listed include Anthony Road Wine Company, Dr. Konstantin Frank, Weis Vineyards, Living Roots Pop Up, Boundary Breaks, and Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard. Also mentioned are local restaurants, among them The Park Inn and Ports Cafe, accommodations, and activities such as hiking in Watkins Glen State Park. We are excited to be listed among such fantastic destinations!

Sounds like a perfect way to plan your next visit to the area!

Read the full article on Winetraveler.com


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