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Keuka Spring
April 29, 2022 | Keuka Spring

Plan your dinner on the deck with Keuka Spring new releases!

* update to this post: 2021 Classic Riesling is just released!

Some new Keuka Spring releases

We've been busy bottling, and the 2021 vintage is starting to come in! Here our some of our latest releases:

2021 Grüner Veltliner
A new wine! Yes, we're getting greener around here! Greener as In "Grüner"! It's our first time making this wine and we are super-psyched about it! It's a centuries-old white grape variety, widely planted in Austria. Perhaps you've sampled this variety before. Ours has a gentle balance of citrus, spice, and peach character. Pull out your best Brie cheese (let it sit unrefrigerated for an hour before eating) and pop open a bottle of this refreshing and tangy wine. It'll even pair well with that spring time asparagus you just picked up from the farmer's market (just throw it on the grill and top with some parmesan)!  

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2021 Humphreys Riesling
We recently received a 91 pt. rating for our 2020 Humphreys Riesling in Wine Enthusiast Magazine!  Our driest Riesling has a track record of magazine review success--91 pts. for the 2020 vintage, 92 pts. for the 2019 vintage, and 92 pts. for the 2018 vintage. So we are postiive you will enjoy this one! Humphreys Vineyard, the source of this single-vineyard wine, is meticulously maintained to create unique and delicious fruit. Enjoy aromas of citrus, apples, peaches, and lemon iced tea as you move on to crab cakes or chilled salmon. 

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2021 Vignoles
Salad time! Throw together a spinach salad with some fresh strawberries and walnuts, top with some feta, and finish with balsamic or poppy seed dressing. Pair it with our newly released 2021 Vignoles. This vibrant, semi sweet wine has an aroma of orange blossoms, citrus and tropical notes in the body, and finishes with a hint of dried apricot. It recently earned a Best of Class in the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition! 

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Crooked Lake White
Just in time for warmer weather, our beloved Crooked Lake White is back! Vidal Blanc and Vignoles combine to create sensations of grapefruit and orange, with just a hint of sweetness. The name "crooked lake" is true to place and a part of Keuka Lake culture. We'll give you a couple choices here: enjoy this zesty wine with grilled arugula flatbread, grilled chicken breasts with herbs, or fettucine alfredo. 

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Clara's Red
Our lovely Clara's Red, named after owner Len Wiltberger's grandmother, is a great finish to your dinner on the deck! Lively ripe cherry and some sweetness make this perfect for that sticky sweet barbecue sauce your non-salad, non-seafood, and non-chicken-loving spouse has been holding out to enjoy! Finish off with a hearty rack of ribs to satisfy everyone on the deck, paired with our newest vintage of Clara's Red. 

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We've put together some pairing suggestions for you. You can order these wines, plan some pairings, and invite guests. Now it's just up to nature to grant some beautiful days!

First course 
Brie with 2021 Grüner Veltliner

Second course 
Crab cakes or chilled salmon with 2021 Humphreys Riesling

Third course 
Strawberry spinach salad with 2021 Vignoles

Fourth course 
Grilled arugula flatbread, grilled chicken breast in herbs, or fettucine alfredo with Crooked Lake White

Fifth course
Barbecued Ribs with Clara's Red


Keuka Spring
December 18, 2021 | Keuka Spring

Cabernet Franc on the short list!

Great Buys for Your Holiday Table

Our 2020 Cabernet Franc was one of twelve international wines recommended in Wine & Spirits Magazine's December 9th article, "The Short List: Great Buys for Your Holiday Table." Earning a 92 point rating and Best Buy, it is described in the following way:

"With bright wild-strawberry and red-cherry scents grounded by a green-olive verve, this wine’s youth is its best feature: Like a plump Chinon, it leads with berry fruit, cut grass and tobacco." —P.J.C.

We were delighted to be featured among such outstanding company!

Keuka Spring
March 10, 2021 | Keuka Spring

International Women's Month March 2021: Judy and Jeanne Wiltberger

Jeanne and Judy Wiltberger by wine barrel

Judy Wiltberger (at right) started Keuka Spring Vineyards with her husband Len in 1981.  A native of Buffalo, NY, she was educated at Rosary Hill (now Daemen College).  Judy also has a Masters degree in education from Nazareth College. In addition to raising four children, Judy taught GED equivalency for the city of Rochester for 20 years.  She has been involved in the day to day business of the winery from day one and still is.  From planting the original vines to running the tasting room, management, and events, Judy enjoys engaging with all the guests that have crossed her path over the last 36+ years through the winery.

Jeanne Wiltberger (at left) is Len and Judy's only daughter.  As the marketing director at the winery, she wears many hats from wine club management to trying to keep up with social media (!).  Jeanne has a B.A. from the University of Notre Dame and an M.S. from UC Davis, spent two years in Peace Corps Ghana, and a year teaching in the Rheinhessen wine region of Germany.  For the last 16 years, along with marketing at the winery, her main project has been raising her two daughters with her Chilean husband.

We love to hear your stories of how you came into the wine world! Let us know your journey of how you got to where you are during this International Women's Wine month!